The Five Trends of Autumn 2017

Find out which are the star garments of next season and how to combine them to be fashionable

It’s still summer and the fashion shops are already filling their hangers with new autumn clothes. It seems that you don’t feel like buying warm clothes when the heat is on the street. However, it’s time to start signing the indispensable next season and not be without them.

We show you the trends that will sweep the streets and social networks in a few months. Be the first to know, and add the clothes and accessories that best suit your style:

The pichi
I’m sure this garment reminds you of when you were little. The dummy or dungarees are already beginning to sweep through the shops and aim hard to become one of the musts of next autumn-winter.

A versatile, comfortable and flattering garment. In winter, you can combine one of these’ pichis’ with dense stockings and boots. In addition, it comes as a trend to give versatility to this winter beyond the classic’ denim’.

This is one of our proposals to wear with the petos or’ pichis’. However, you can wear them in any style and they are suitable for any occasion. There are more or less heels, and even flat ones.

The loot is an essential staple of all winters. This year, the most expected are the booty socks. This is a very tight shoe that will look like you are wearing a stocking or sock.

A shoe that stylizes the figure and that fashion bloggers have not been able to wait until winter to wear it:

Oversize sweater.
Last year we were able to see these XXL sized sweaters on the street and in the main fashion shops. A comfortable and warm garment. No more 50 layers of streetwear, cold weather or uncomfortable fitting. With these sweaters you can feel comfortable without missing the last one. In addition, they are very favourable and with some trousers you have a complete look in the blink of an eye.

Fashion is for fun and to combine the trends that we like our own style. The different fabrics are part of this fun game that makes you feel comfortable every day.

This autumn-winter the velvet will hit hard and we’ll see it everywhere. It also comes loaded with great versatility. You can find stylish and glamorous garments in the shops, as well as more casual ones.


Velvet garments.
In fashion, everything comes back. In addition, in recent years,?vintage? fashion has been sweeping the stores. This fall, get a vest and wear the last one. There are all types and colors; warmer and finer.

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